Please see the "Available Units" page for storage spaces
currently available.
(You can reserve a unit on the "Units" page and it will be held for up to 14 days)
Storage Units with no electricity available
$71   5X10
 $96   10X10
  $114  10X15
 $145  10x20
  $161  10x25 
Indoor Temperature Controlled Storage Units (no electricity)
           $92      5X10  or 10x5
$124    10X10
$144    10X15
$181   10X20
Non-Temperature Controlled Units With Electricity
These units have a light on a 30 minute timer and a 24 hour electric plug
$171  12X20
$189 12X25
These units have both the light and an electric plug on a 30 minute timer 
$102   10X12
$153  12X20
$175  12X25
$220  12X30
Parking Spaces
$110   12X40
$81    10X35
$66    10X20
(One time $20 administration fee )